Rural marketing strategy by colgate

Colgate has taken up a weird advertising campaign in bangkok sales promotion as such no promotion is done at retail level except the recommendation by the shopkeeper but for rural market colgate uses van ( van is a mobile promotion station having facilities for screen show, slide show and mike publicity. High quality products was always a plus point of colgate all they had to do was to now tap the still unattended rural markets and change their habits ie from the unfortunately, it is almost impossible to transplant strategies which work successfully in urban markets onto rural markets the road blocks to reach the rural. Colgate: global strategies local strength u succeeding with consumers the profession and our customers u innovating everywhere colgate follows a tightly defined strategy to grow market shares in small rural shops where space is limited, colgate representatives work closely with. Brands such as sensodyne and paradontax have come in with aggressive marketing strategies and have created small sub-categories for themselves, possibly at the cost of colgate colgate responded with colgate sensitive but sensodyne still has a larger share of the sensitive toothpaste market. Though colgate has a herbal toothpaste in its product line, its distinctive features are not focused in the marketing strategy herbal segment will also grow very fast and appeal to both urban and rural masses this segment already has minimal competition from brands such as vicco, meswak, patanjali,.

High quality products was always a plus point of colgate all they had to do was to now tap the still unattended rural markets and change their habits ie from the usage of manjans and datoon to to design right communication and motivation strategies to induce target audience to buy the product. Colgate's brands consists of a multitude of unique toothpastes lines, specializing in the preservation and treatment of oral hygiene colgate has created an array of 40 different patented toothpastes keeping colgate competitive in the market place. After extensive research, colgate found that the rural market vouched more for smaller packs as spending an amount of approximately rs 50 on a commodity like toothpaste the strategy & execution: kaun banega crorepati is probably the most popular game format with the urban and the rural audience.

Colgate-palmolive (india) ltd, or cpil, is a 51% subsidiary of colgate- palmolive company, usa it is the market leader in indian oral care market in fy15, it commanded over the years, this strategy (innovations) has we believe that with the upgrading consumer needs in rural markets and uptrading. Colgate products are available everywhere be it rural, semi urban or urban areas all supermarkets, retail stores, grocery stores keep colgate products there is generally no sale offered on the product however colgate does indulge in combo offers the strong distribution network strategy shows its marketing mix place. Approach/strategy adopted by colgate big gatherings in india are the best place to find people altogether, especially in the rural areas the maha kumbh mela which is world's largest gathering of humanity ever is the greatest show on earth hindu pilgrims turn up in huge number at the maha kumbh mela. Having said this, hul really has to pull hard in order to beat the no1 player in the toothpaste category in the rural markets the new strategies have to be formulated in order to increase consumer's trust in the brand finally, how pepsodent reaches the level of customer trust and generic branding has to be.

This strategy allowed cp to assume full control of their product development and marketing, with all profits reverting to colgate (kotabe & helsen, 2010 p 312) colgate also made smaller sized (and less expensive) packaging available through street vendors and transient merchants who dotted the rural. Company strategy - oral care and toothbrush industry in particular “volume is the key” says richard usuquen, vp marketing colgate palmolive (india) ltd to expand the market in all ranges cp has an ongoing rural van programme and school programme covering 14 million villages and 80 million consumers. Abstract the paper describes the challenges and strategies of rural marketing in india the rural market in indian economy can be classified under two broad categories these are the market for many companies like colgate- palmolive, hll, godrej, etc, have already made forays into rural households but still.

Year 1926 had once said “india‟s way is not europe india is not calcutta and bombay india lives in her several hundreds of villages” some of the companies such as hindustan lever coca-cola, lg electronics, britannia, philips and colgate palmolive have spearheaded the tapping of indian rural market. Rural bias : • 772 mn people = 72% of the population live in villages • agriculture contributes 20 % of india's gdp • literacy rate 59% - communication is colgate-palmolive (india) limited analyst meet – may 2008 share of market toothpaste 2005 2006 2007 cy q1 2007 cy q1 2008 2007 -2006. A number of companies in fmcg, consumer durables as well as telecom sector have adapted strategies to expand their base in rural market among those who have already taken remarkable initiative in rural market are hll, colgate, lg electronics, philips, bsnl, lic, cavinkare, britannia and hero.

Rural marketing strategy by colgate

Rural marketing 4 hence their outlook to life has also changed because of all these factors, rural india in now attracting more and more marketers increase in competition companies like hindustan lever, colgate palmolive, britannia and even “hll rewrites strategy for greater penetration of rural markets”. This paper discuss the rural marketing and its strategies and also focus on issues and challenges for selling products & services project jagruti in the second phase by colgate broadly rural marketing incorporates the marketing palmolive india was a village consumer contact of agricultural products, rural industries.

  • Campaign summary colgate wanted to increase toothpaste penetration in rural india by educating consumers about oral hygiene and the benefits of using toothpaste regularly vs traditional, natural products that were only being used sporadically the brand chose to reach out to these consumers at the maha kumbh mela,.
  • Company strategy - oral care and toothbrush industry in particular “volume is the key” says richard usuquen, vp marketing colgate palmolive (india) ltd to expand the market in all ranges, cp has an ongoing rural van programme and school programme covering 14 million villages.
  • Rural marketing colgate presented by :- antariksh verma arunima vij mahima suri neha arora nishank bhardwaj its' brand identity, colgate is still restructuring its branding strategy its strategy was strong enough to position the company as a major brand in the oral care market of india.

Opportunities tap rural market and increase penetration in same emerging markets may attract business differentiation strategy is required • threats increase in commodity prices fierce competition new entrants in the market can be a threat to colgate 25 4a's adapted by colgate to attract. Ü other corporate that are slowly making headway in this area are coca cola india, colgate, eveready batteries, lg electronics, philips, bsnl, life the paramount objective of the network is to get clients who are looking for a national strategy in rural marketing and help them in executing it across. Margin gains are being targeted through efficient supply chain management and bringing down cost of operations colgate palmolive rural marketing strategy: colgate-palmolive marketing strategy 'super shako' for rural india is one of the distinct rural marketing initiatives of the company it selects villages for its promotion.

rural marketing strategy by colgate Question is: how can companies entering into rural emerging markets design a marketing channel a framework for marketing channel strategy 26 in rural spoke model to supply villages colgate took this approach while determining how to best reach small villages in rural india with 10 chopra and meindl, p 101.
Rural marketing strategy by colgate
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